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"The most successful new music event in the city…the combination of music and art has vaulted the series into must-see status"  (Austin American Statesman)

Winner of the 2012 Austin Critics' Table Award, SoundSpace is a concert series at the Blanton Museum of Art.  Programs feature simultaneous, cross-disciplinary performances throughout the galleries of the museum and audiences are free to experience the performance in any order they choose.   In addition, the series has featured several Austin premieres of notable large scale compositions, including works for 80 trombones and 100 tubas.

Fall 2013: Graphic Notation

Graphic Notation features music that implements abstract symbols rather than a conventional score comprised of clefs, musical staff, and note heads. This concept can take on many forms, including the projection of seismograph readings onto a trombone slide in Jim Altieri's Seismicity, the abstraction of musical parameters and symbols in Cornelius Cardew's Treatise, and in the 11th-century chant of the mystic Hildengard von Bingen. While it is visually and conceptually interesting, this form of notation ultimately produces novel sound worlds that transcend traditional notions of texture, timbre, and pulse. 

Featured Performers:

100 Tubas +

James Fei, sopranino saxophone
Kate Bass, soprano
Caroline Wright, visual artist
Tom Echols, modular synth and guitar
Damon Smith, solo double bass

Fall 2012: Space and Symmetry


Spring 2012 -- SoundSpace: MUSICIRCUS

In celebration of his 100th birthday, SoundSpace presented John Cage's Musicircus. Musicircus is a composition by Cage that is merely an invitation to artists to perform simultaneously anything they desire, in any order, for any duration. This program, in particular, featured works by Cage and his contemporaries, embedded in a framework determined by chance operations.  


Fall 2011: Movement and Music


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SoundSpace: Graphic Notation

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The Blanton's MUSICIRCUS

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Austin American Statesman
2012 Austin Critics' Table Award


SoundSpace showcases a cross section of Austin's vibrant artistic community.  Past performances have featured members of the following organizations: